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Shortly after receiving an armored “Wolf Grey” look, Nike‘s updated Air VaporMax Plus model recently received a striking “Red Shark Tooth” makeover.

cheap nike air max mens Sporting an aggressive look, the latest colorway is yet another play on the “Before/After The Bite” theme that has been integral to the Air Max Plus. This time around the VaporMax Plus features a black gradient upper accented by a striking white spike pattern and the dynamic TPU midfoot guard. While a solid black mudguard and a semi-translucent vibrant red VaporMax outsole round up the design of the shoe.

No official drop notes just yet, but stayed tuned for more details regarding the release of the Nike VaporMax Plus “Red Shark Tooth.”

For more Nike, take a look at the latest colorways of the updated Air Max 95 Ultra SE.

Renowned sneaker enthusiast and journalist, and notably one of our culture’s most prolific minds, Gary Warnett, passed away last year due to complications from pneumonia.

cheap nike vapor air max plus In honor of Warnett and what would’ve been his 40th birthday this past Monday, Nike has shared a special variation of the classic Air Span II, rebranded as the Air Span GW, as it’s noted to be a favorite silhouette of Gary’s late father, Richard, according to UK-based publication, Bedford Today.

cheap air max shoes Unfortunately, those of you who are looking to acquire the model will be out of luck, as only 40 pairs of the sneaker have been produced, and likely given to Warnett’s friends and family only.

For some Warnett-specific TBT, listen to Gary talk 30 years of Air Max in our podcast from last year, below.

cheap nike air max plus pink In case you’ve been living under a rock, your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym these days. Though they got their start as flimsy “plimsolls” meant for working-class holidaymakers and purpose-built footwear designed for athletes, sneakers have become a staple in every man’s (and woman’s, for that matter) wardrobe. From lifestyle to the red carpet to sports, nowadays your sneakers can be an expression of yourself. And today we’re showing you how to do it right.

Special thanks to Robert Ferris from Harrolds for providing this week’s expert tip on how to wear sneakers with style.

cheap 2017 nike air max Following the success of its latest collaboration with ACRONYM, Nike has readied two pairs of the new laceless Air VaporMax Moc 2 for the ladies. Both of these summer-ready colorways — University Gold and University Red — features two bright and strongly contrasting colors that will guarantee your summer runs are filled with others turning their heads to check out what you have on feet.

cheap nike air max 97 undefeated A mid-foot strap secures your feet while heel panels provide additional support as you move across the VaporMax Air unit. Both pairs are set to arrive on May 11 via the SNKRS app for $200 USD. Let us know if you’ll be adding these to the collection. Additionally, the “Thirsty Bandit” colorway of the ACRONYM x Nike Air VaporMax Moc 2 will release on May 15.

cheap nike 270 One of the most demanded retros from the early 1990s era of Nike running is finally hitting stores this June. Sean Wotherspoon first gave us a look at the OG purple/teal colorway of the Air Skylon 2 some weeks ago, but it appears that Nike is bringing back two other original styles for women on June 2nd at Nike Sportswear retailers worldwide. You have the option of either the Court Purple/Solar Red or Amarillo/Total Orange on the unmistakeable lava-splatter gradient on the upper, but note that both versions are women’s colorways – so adjust your sizing accordingly. See a closer look at the Air Skylon 2 Retro below and let us know what other gems you’re looking for Nike to re-issue.

Nike Air Skylon 2 Women’s

Release Date: June 2nd, 2018

Coming Soon to afew


Color: White/Court Purple-Solar Red

Style Code: AO4540-102

Nike Air Skylon 2 Womens

Release Date: June 2nd, 2018

Coming Soon to afew


Color: White/Black-Amarillo-Total Orange

Style Code: AO4540-101

cheap air max plus Today, the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise officially arrives in theaters. Solo: A Star Wars Story serves as a prequel that details the early adventures of franchise protagonist Han Solo 10 years prior to A New Hope.

cheap air max 90 Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of Star Wars fans in the sneaker community. Some even choose to express their admiration for the galaxy through custom sneaker designs. Celebrating today’s release, we’ve rounded up the 30 best Star Wars-themed NIKEiD designs—scroll through the gallery below.

Some athletic shoes transcend their performance roots and become a cultural phenomenon. The Nike Air Max Plus, released in 1998, is one such shoe.

cheap nike air max 97 ultra 17 This unique addition to the Air Max dynasty defined the era in which it debuted as well as those that followed. On sale somewhere in the world for close to two decades without any downtime and released in hundreds of colorways and variations in construction that include leather editions, Ultra makeovers and slip-ons, the ultimate accolade for the Air Max Plus was an unofficial rebrand — in some territories it’s better known by the two letters, “Tn,” that represent the Tuned Air it debuted — and the moniker is now standard issue at street level.

cheap nike air max 97 ultra While the silhouette’s cult stature is well known, its origin is less established. Designed by industry veteran Sean McDowell, the shoe combines an unlikely aesthetic influence with a trio of never-before-employed manufacturing techniques. Here, McDowell shares his memories of creating the classic runner.


McDowell (albeit unknowingly) began conceptualizing the Air Max Plus before he even started his role at Nike.

cheap black air max “I hung out on the Florida beaches and just thought and sketched — it was one of my most creative times,” he remembers a vacation he took with friends between jobs. “One evening, it was turning to dusk, so the very blue sky was starting to fade to dark blue, and the palm trees were blowing in the wind.”

“I hung out on the Florida beaches and just thought and sketched — it was one of my most creative times.”

– Sean McDowell

cheap nike air max 90 That local beauty fired his imagination. “I sketched that out, and I thought, ‘It could make a quarter panel like you could hold your foot down with those palm trees,” he says, filing that thought away for future use.

cheap nike air max plus Shortly after and upon arrival to Nike in 1997, McDowell immediately took on the challenge of creating a new running shoe (and thus completing a nascent project for Foot Locker) that used a new Max Air innovation that implemented two opposing hemispheres to evolve the cushioning technology. Its working name was Sky Air, and more than 15 potential shoe sketches had been presented to the retailer. None had received the nod yet.

An original sketch from McDowell

cheap nike air max 2018 “As soon as I heard ‘sky,’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, I just saw this amazing sky in Florida,’” says McDowell, who resumed his sketching. “I did a sunset. I did a blue one. I did a purple one. I tried a couple of different colors and sky versions, some palm trees were a little more tech-y and very geometric, and others were waving.”

cheap nike 95 air max A whale inspired another of the key focal features of the Air Max Plus. “The shank is a modified whale tail,” says McDowell. “That tail coming out of the water is so iconic.”

cheap nike air max 270 womens McDowell’s lack of experience at the company was the key to the distinctive Swoosh on the Air Max Plus. He had never drawn a Swoosh before. He didn’t have a template for it. “No one had given me any guidance because it was my first few days,” he says. “The shape is a little bit off, and I put the border on the inside when technically all the brand guidelines say to go outside.”

cheap air max 2017 What the wearer saw was all-important too: “I wanted to put some emphasis on the top-down view,” says McDowell. “The palm trees looked good on the medial and lateral sides, but when it came to connecting them on the top it looked weird to have a straight line connecting them, so I thought, ‘What else could I do that’s a little more interesting?’”

cheap nike air max 270 flyknit Given the Air Max Plus’ colossal impact on fashion, it’s easy to forget that it was created to run in, with McDowell aiming to incorporate as many performance benefits as possible, including flex grooves through the forefoot and Nike’s best practices for the outsole. “Now it is a huge lifestyle shoe,” he says. “But it weighs less than 12 ounces. For a PU shoe, that’s very lightweight — especially for that time.”

“I wanted to put some emphasis on the top-down view.”

– Sean McDowell

cheap nike air max ultra As a keen athlete, Sean understood where challenging convention could yield new functionality. “I grew up a runner, and you learn to always run facing traffic so that cars can see you, and I thought, ‘But it’s weird they put reflectivity on the back of almost every shoe when you need reflectivity all the way up the front,” he says. “So I put bars of reflectivity going all the way up the forefoot, the vamp, and the tongue.”

cheap 270 nike air max His commitment to detail extends to the distinctive outsole. “I called out the different hemispheres in the rubber because you couldn’t really see them on the medial side, so you didn’t know if there was any new technology,” he explains. He created color damns to draw more attention to the Tuned Air that was inside. He also added palm tree stripes in the shank and the Tn logo. “Those lines were pointing to the air bag, like this is the cool thing,” he says.

An original sketch from McDowell

cheap nike air max 270 triple black Now, the Air Max Plus is synonymous with that Tn Air logo, but the hexagonal branding was a surprise at the time for McDowell, who was a week into the sketches, and felt as though everything was coming together nicely. “I didn’t know where we were supposed to put it, but they told me it was a really big deal and I needed to feature it prominently.”

cheap nike air max guile McDowell’s break between jobs was also critical in the designer’s decision to stray from traditional colorways. He visualized telling a night-to-day story for the introductory trio of Air Max Plus makeups. “We didn’t have color specialists, so the first three shoes are a really great part of the story,” he says. “The first shoe was dusk, the second was almost all black with a little bit of red [they used reflective mesh from the Jordan XIII] to represent stars in the night sky, and the third was bright orange and yellow to depict sunrise the next morning.”


The Air Max Plus would prove to deliver a number of firsts, beginning with the debut of a striking sublimated treatment.

cheap nike shoes air max While his sketches were deeply imaginative, McDowell remembers being optimistic about bringing them to life. “I drew the fade and everyone was like, ‘You’ll never be able to do that, you can’t find a material like that.’ And I said, ‘We’ll just sublimate it,’” he recalls. But they had never done that before.

cheap nike vapormax plus Recalling the fire-like fade on the Nike Flame spike (the sibling of the cult classic Omega Flame shoe of the early 1980s) he’d run in as a young man, the designer felt the treatment was a possibility. “They were doing it in apparel, so I thought it would be pretty easy,” says McDowell. They started with the lightest blue and printed a darker blue over it. “The first sample was perfect,” he says.

I drew the fade and everyone was like, ‘You’ll never be able to do that, you can’t find a material like that.’

– Sean McDowell

cheap red air max Construction of the upper, as McDowell had sketched it, also challenged old ways. Specifically, the welding had never been done before. “But we had done little logos, so I suggested making the whole shoe out of thin welded TPU,” he recalls. Still — two weeks out from his meeting with Foot Locker — there were questions as to whether he could build it. “I was told, ‘Fly to Asia, make the samples, and hopefully the meeting goes well,’” he said.

cheap nike air max 98 gundam McDowell made the long journey to the factory facilities but received bad news. “They told it was too big to weld,” he says. “It would take too much power and either melt the fabric or wouldn’t bond.” Rather than give up on it, McDowell suggested doing three separate welds. They tried it and it immediately worked. “That was a big win,” he says.


cheap air max 270 While the shoe proved possible from a production standpoint, it still needed its crucial retailer co-sign. After meetings that McDowell attended alongside future NIKE, Inc. president and CEO Mark Parker, a Foot Locker executive suggested an offbeat experiment in market research: put the shoe on a shelf at the store right when school lets out and see what happens.

cheap white air max “Five or 10 minutes later, there were like 10 kids flocking to the shoe asking, ‘What is this? How do I get it?’’ recalls McDowell. “The associates were looking around like, ‘I’ve never seen that thing before, I don’t know how much it costs, I don’t know where it came from.’ while the kids were running around like, ‘I want to buy this thing.’ They were almost frantic. I was beaming.”

cheap off white nike From there, the shoe launched to almost immediate international appeal. And while McDowell understood it early, one example of dedication to the silhouette is front and center in his mind. “I saw somebody who got their whole foot tattooed in the pattern of the Tuned Air. The bottom of their foot has the outsole,” he says.” The stripes and Swoosh on the sides, black all the way up the back with the Tn logo on the back. It’s wild.”

“I saw somebody who got their whole foot tattooed in the pattern of the Tuned Air.”

cheap nike air max infuriate mid In the two decades since the Nike Air Max Plus hit shelves, the fandom McDowell describes has hit peaks and valleys. The silhouette remains a cult favorite in New York — bubbling up into the mainstream from time to time. In Paris and London, it’s a staple. And Down Under, Melbourne and Sydney profit from a steady stream of regional exclusive colorways.

Despite its overt technicality, for Tn fans, the shoe carries only a simple connotation: Classic.

The Air Max Plus Big Logo launches November 25 on SNKRS and at Footlocker locations.

cheap air max 270 Nike released the original Air Max 1, a silhouette that’s regarded as one of the brand’s most iconic sneakers. Created by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max 1 was the first shoe the Swoosh released that showcased the brand’s Air technology with a visible window into the sole.

cheap white nike air max That single innovative design sparked phenomenons in both performance and fashion. With hundreds of Air Max sneakers released over the last three decades, it is one of Nike’s most successful lines.

cheap womens air max Now, Nike recognizes March 26 as Air Max Day, and today they’re celebrating 31 years of success. Of course, there’s no better way to do so than with new sneakers, so Nike often uses this day to release their limited edition styles.

cheap nike air max ivo Whether you want an undeniable classic like the Air Max 1 or a truly revolutionary runner like the Air VaporMax, you’ll find many classic and new styles from Nike for men, women, and kids.

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to gift your dad some stylish upgrades. One of the best ways to start is with a fresh pair of sneakers.

More than likely, your dad has a professional wardrobe that’s well rounded, but when it comes to sneakers, he probably wears the same pair all the time.

cheap nike air max 1/97 Instead of letting your dad run his current sneakers into the ground (literally), gift him with a new pair to upgrade his style. Even if your dad already has a closet full of sneakers, another pair will always make a great gift.

From classics that never go out of style to modern runners, minimal designs, and all wool sneakers, we rounded up the best options to give your dad this Father’s Day.

Perhaps not as appreciated as its older sibling the Nike Air Max 97, the Air Max 98 has experienced a resurgence in popularity lately.

cheap air max 97 Designed by Sergio Lozano, the same man responsible for the Air Max 95, the 98 was touted as the best Nike running shoe available at the time but later faded into obscurity. After Supreme’s take on the 98 from 2016, the silhouette has been slowly but steadily making a comeback. Earlier in 2018, the retro “Gundam” colorway also made a big splash with sneakerheads. Below we’ve rounded up a few strong colorways that you can buy right now.

For more info on the 98, check out our full history of the silhouette.

Brand: Nike

Model: Air Max Plus “Before the Bite” (Dark Grey) and “After the Bite” (Team Red) colorways

cheap 2018 nike air max Key Features: Breathable mesh construction with a palm tree-inspired wavy motif on the upper, Tuned air branding on the heels and tongues, leather and TPU accents, visible Air Max cushioning

Release Dates: Thursday, March 29 (Europe/Asia Pacific) – Wednesday, April 18 (USA/Canada)

Price: $170 each

Buy: Foot Locker

cheap nike air max 270 for sale Editor’s Notes: The Nike Air Max Plus is one of the Swoosh’s most iconic runners, and with its revival last year, more iterations of the popular silhouette continue to emerge in 2018.

cheap nike air max 97 premium Foot Locker, in particular, will be launching two new colorways dubbed “Before the Bite,” and “After the Bite,” which will be sold exclusively at Foot Locker locations and select global stores.

Rendered in colorways of “White/Dark Grey/Speed Red,” and “White/Team Red/Speed Red,” find both pairs at Foot Locker locations in Europe and Asia first on March 29.

Now, in case you missed it, Nike designer Sean McDowell tells the untold story of the Air Max Plus.

Brand: Nike

Model: Air Max 95 Ultra PRM

cheap nike air max womens Key Features: Nike plays with the Air Max 95 upper by adding new textiles like mesh and perforated suede, with smooth leather on the toe panel. The elevated 95 makeup is shown optioned in two colorways, black/black, and tan/white.

Release Date: Available now

Price: ¥19,440 (approximately $178 USD)


cheap nike airmax 270 Editor’s Notes: Called the “Breathe” pack, both colorways are currently available through Japanese retailer BILLY’S. To learn more about the history of the Air Max franchise, check out our Air Max-dedicated episode of From The Ground Up, Highsnobiety’s original sneaker series.

cheap 270 nike air max Bought these about a month ago and they’re comfortable, flexible, and stylish. They have a breathable mesh upper, and a large visible AirMax “airbag” air sole unit in the rear that helps with comfort and with dispersing pressure and force exerted on the heel. It’s lightweight, and a perfect alternative for more expensive Air Max models with visible AirMax air sole units from heel to toe which in my experience, have tended to be more tightly packed, less comfortable, and overall, less forgiving. A con about this product, however, is that this shoe doesn’t have the support side-to-side that I expected, so a few times upon initially wearing it/during breaking it in, I nearly rolled my ankle because up front, the sole is soft. It might not have an internal air sole which may help with making a more stable front mid sole experience. «less

cheap 2018 air max The only regular exercise I do is trail walking or short sprints (or a treadmill). These shoes have traction and support, and are comfortable! I get foot cramps and shin splints more often than most people, but I haven’t experienced either since wearing these. Usually, I can’t wait to take my shoes off when I’m done, but these are very cushiony and light weight. In comparison to my last 2 Nike styles, these are by far the best. The only reason I gave 4/5 stars is that I’ve only worn them for a week, and I normally like to break shoes in for a good month before settling… but I’m SO pleased thus far.

cheap air max 95 The shoe was comfortable and sturdy for the majority of a day doing errands around town. Approximately, I walked five miles. The last mile or so I noticed a loss of pressure in the air pocket of my left shoe. After further inspection, I found that the air max portion of the shoe had in fact popped. I really appreciated the design and comfort of the Air Max Fury, however, they are they are fragile and delicate.

cheap nike air max 97 My boyfriend absolutely loved these shoes. He even went out and bought a second pair right after because how comfortable they were for him. Its hard to find shoes for a size 14 and that is comfortable on your feet. But now the issue is both pairs he has the bubble busted on the left side. AND LET ME SAY THIS, he isnt the one to ruin his shoes he likes to keep his shoes nice not to mention one of the pairs he had only worn a handful of times now were out 200 plus dollars on some busted shoes

cheap black nike air max Bought these for my son. He loves them. This is the second pair of these Nike Air Max Sequent 2 that I bought for him. My son is in great shape and is heavy (220 lbs.) The sneakers are holding up well. He says these are the best sneakers he has had in a long time. I believe many will like this product as my son is quite particular about his shoes and clothes…

cheap nike 270 I bought these on clearance last month. Loved the black with the grey detail. As soon as I tried these on the toe box, not even sure this is what it is called as I’ve never had a problem like this before, felt really large. I usually buy EVERY pair of running shoes (nike) in a size 7. They fit but had an abnormal amount of room for my toes, I would not feel comfortable running in these. I had to return them.

cheap nike air max 270 dusty cactus I’ve had these shoes about 2 weeks now and have walked over 20 miles in them so far. They are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE! I love them! I did order them half a size bigger than my usual. This turns out to be just right for me. (I ordered a size 10 instead of my normal 9.5.)NOTE: When I filled out this review form there was no entry/selection available to rate the size of the shoe. In my case, the shoe seemed to run half a size smaller than other shoes.

cheap nike shoes Owned two pairs of these. I really liked the way they looked and felt until they broke, and how clean they looked after a wash…In both instances, the air pockets popped. The second pair made it 6 months before busting while the first pair only lasted about 3 months. Once they pop, they were uneven and were unwearable.

cheap nike air max mens These shoes look great but when I tried them on they didn’t fit me well. They fit a bit too long for me. (I have purchased dozens of Nike running shoes at this size that fit great) Also, they fit narrow in the middle of my foot pinching by my arch. I will be returning them and look for another pair.

cheap nike vapor air max plus I’m not a runner, but these shoes are plenty comfortable, the foam soles put together with the air heel makes for a very comfortable shoe. They also look pretty sharp for runners, so that’s definitely a nice bonus in my books.

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cheap nike air max plus pink When I selected this shoe, the website stated that this shoe runs true to size, order your normal shoe size. I have always found Nike’s to run a size small but took the website recommendation and ordered my normal size. Sure enough, it runs a size small. I am returning the shoes.

cheap 2017 nike air max These shoes are excellent. Great comfort, the sole is super soft and perfect for running etc. The apprence themselves are brilliant really like the style. Overall for the price your paying the shoes are definitely worth it

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cheap nike 270 I was disappointed in the structure of the inner sole. It felt like a table ledge was under my instep. Expected quality, but all I got was a big disappointment. Beautiful LOOKING sneaker, however, the quality and construction were much to be desired…

Worth the price. They are lite, comfortable and highly functional training sneakers. They also have reflective black strips for safely running at night. Im glad I purchased these!

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